Research stays of scientists of the MUI in a foreign country


Contact persons to help planning a research stay abroad.


Competent Department

Exemption request
Researchers must contact the HR law department and submit an exemption request in due time (at least one month before the planned stay). There are different modalities (e.g. exemption maintaining the remuneration or exemption without maintaining the remuneration). In all cases, the exemption request must be signed by the Head of the Department/Clinic.

Department for HR Law, HR Development and Advancement of Women

Approval by the Vice Rector for Research and International Relations
Should a stay abroad be part of a research project application, the approval of the Head of the Department/Clinic and of the Vice Rector for Research and International Relations must be obtained before submitting the research proposal. This is particularly important if the researcher wish to maintain his/her salary during the stay abroad. 

Research Office
Dr. Maria T. Pérez Mediavilla
Tel.: 70073

Interruption of  teaching
In case of interruption of the teaching activity, the office of the Vice Rector for Teaching  and Study Matters must be informed in due time (no later than 30th June for courses in the following winter term, or no later than 30th November for courses in the subsequent summer term).

Office of the Vice Rector for Teaching and Study Matters
Andrea Prachensky-Roither 
Tel.: 70059

Qualification agreement for A2-position holders
In cases where the agreed extent of teaching cannot be achieved due to a research stay abroad, it is advisable to get the agreement of the rectorate beforehand.


Department for HR Law, HR Development and Advancement of Women

Visa, residence permit, travel insurance
Such matters are solely the responsibility of the scientists concerned. Information about visas and residence permits is usually available on the homepage of the foreign embassies.



For general questions contact the research office: Dr. María T. Pérez Mediavilla (E-Mail: