Prof Brandl Prize

The Prof Brandl Prize is awarded every two years for work from the Medical University of Innsbruck.

The prize is intended as recognition for particularly innovative, future-oriented achievements..

The topic should be in the field of biotechnology, genetic engineering, enzyme technology, cell culture technology, but can also belong to chemistry or physics and its content must include improvements that target human welfare, environmentally friendly obtention of substances, energy, raw materials, or food security for humans and animals or resolution of our environmental problems.

Applications are open to Austrian citizens working or studying in Tyrol or to foreigners who have worked or studied in Tyrol for at least five years, have completed a relevant degree and have not received this prize in the last five years.

Application deadline: next call for tenders autumn 2023

Tender specification

The application can be submitted online in GAR at:

Documents required:

  • Application form (generated in GAR).
  • Publication
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant
  • List of publications of the applicant
  • Waiver from the co-author(s)
  • Declaration of share in scientific publication

Waiver from the co-authors

Declaration of share in scientific publication

Previous award winners at the Medical University of Innsbruck