i-med research grants (development of new talent)

This is bridge funding for graduates at the Medical University of Innsbruck who have a prospect of a position with an externally funded research project (e.g. FWF, ÖNB, EU) or for bridging between two externally funded projects or for final theses at the end of an externally funded research project.
For students in a doctoral programme, special justification is required, showing why an extension is necessary beyond the period already funded.
Note: With regard to age limits, child-rearing periods are taken into account. Please provide proof of these, if applicable.

Applications can be submitted at any time basis via GAR:

Submission documents required:

  • Application form (generated in GAR)
  • Description of the project presentation of the planned activities
  • Abstract
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant
  • List of publications of the applicant
  • Statement from the supervisor
  • Doctoral or sponsorship certificate/notification
  • Viva voce or diploma certificate