MUI - “Innovation Pool”

Aim of the programme: Under the current funding framework it is very difficult for researchers to access funds for the development of truly innovative project ideas. Most highly innovative projects are rejected by funding agencies because they lack success guarantees (high risk). Only one funding programme exists at present: the FWF 1000-Ideas (TAI) programme.
With this new funding scheme, MUI hopes to encourage its scientists to prepare proposals that can be submitted in parallel to the FWF-TAI programme. If, owing to budgetary restrictions, FWF does not fund a proposal that has received a very positive evaluation (reason for rejection C1), it will receive start-up funding from the university to prepare a competitive resubmission either as TAI or as a stand-alone project. If the resubmitted proposal is approved by the FWF, the start-up funding from the university will stop and the applicants will use the FWF funding to continue their project. If the decision is negative, the funding from the university will continue.

What kind of projects would be eligible for funding?
Highly innovative research proposals that meet the objectives and eligibility criteria of the FWF 1000-Ideas (TAI) programme. The project must be clearly defined and include a convincing description of the aims and methods. Furthermore, the project must have high relevance for science and fall under the domain of basic research. The exploratory phase is expected to provide initial evidence of the feasibility of the concept.

Who can apply for this funding category?
This funding category is accessible to all MUI scientists who submit a proposal to the next FWF call for tenders of the 1000-Ideas programme (call 2023/2024). The same eligibility criteria as for the FWF-TAI will apply. Briefly:

  • At least two international, peer-reviewed publications in the last five years with a substantial and independent contribution from the applicant
  • At least a 50% employment at MUI for the planned duration of the project
  • A researcher may serve as the principal investigator in one project proposal only

What kind of costs can be applied for?
MUI can fund only material costs.

Project duration: Max. 24 months

Funding volume: Max. € 30,000. The funding will be paid in two tranches. The first, of max. € 15,000 will be paid to all TAI proposals that receive a very positive evaluation and have not received funding, owing to budgetary restrictions (reason for rejection C1).

Submission deadline: 10 January 2024

Application: Online via GAR
Application Guidelines here

Contact: Dr María Teresa Pérez Mediavilla
Phone:+43 (0)512 9003-70073