University Council

The University Council is the supervisory body of the University and is the connecting link between the Ministry and the University. According to University Act 2002, its main duties comprise the following:

  • Approve the development plan, organisation plan, the draft performance agreement and the draft design agreement as well as the rules of procedure of the rectorate
  • Advertise the post of rector
  • Determine the requirements for the election of the rector, and elect a rector from the three candidates shortlisted by the senate
  • Elect the vice-rectors
  • Conclude target agreements with the rectorate
  • Dismiss the rector and vice-rectors
  • Nominate one female and one male member of the arbitration committee
  • Approve the establishment of societies and foundations and participation in societies
  • Approve guidelines for financial management, approve the financial statement and intellectual capital report and forward findings to the Minister
  • Obligation to compile and forward annual reports and to immediately report to the Minister any serious breaches of the law by university governing bodies
  • Enact the rules of procedure of the university council
  • Complete list of duties and membership requirements (in German only). 


Further information about the members of the UC (in German only).