Development of young talent
at MUI

One of the most important functions of a university is to provide young scientists with the core competences that will help them to become successful researchers.

At the MUI we place special emphasis on supporting our young researchers at every stage of their scientific career.

Graduate students

The existence of several FWF-funded graduate programmes facilitates rapid transition into doctoral studies, for outstanding students who are interested in pursuing a career in science.

In addition, the Medical University of Innsbruck offers several other Ph. D. programmes as well as a clinical Ph. D. programme, which aim to equip graduate students with the knowledge and skills needed for the advancement of biomedical sciences.

Grants, scholarships and prizes as well as other useful links for graduate students can be found here.

Post-doctoral research

At MUI, young post-doctoral students have the opportunity to work independently and to finance their own project ideas, thanks to the MUI-START programme, which has been devised especially to help them to launch their scientific careers. Ideally, MUI-START project holders should be ready to apply for external funding at the end of the funding period.

An overview of funding options for young post-doctoral students can be found here.

Tenure track positions

To develop outstanding young researchers, the Medical University of Innsbruck offers tenure track positions (A2 positions). The qualification agreement for these positions is such that the status and competence of an associate professor can be achieved within a period of 4 to 6 years.

Requirements vary depending on the working field (theoretical or clinical). However, in all cases the publication record, teaching experience and international research experience are decisive, as is the ability to acquire external funding in the theoretical field.

Click here to meet some successful young researchers who work at MUI.